family tours

in Helsinki without a guide
Spend time with your family and take part in this exciting self-guided quest all by yourself!
You will only need mobile Internet, your phone and good mood :)
With your login and password you should sign-in to your personal account on our website and then you are ready to start the self-guided quest-tour.
The non-activated quest will be valid for 3 months.

You can start your adventure at any convenient time.
Along the way you can take photos, go to a café, and you can always continue your self-guided quest on the following day or even a week later.

how it works?
First, you buy the self-guided quest on this website.
Then you receive 2 emails: one with the login and password, and the second one with the detailed instructions.

Every question has prompts from little Stadi Nalle bear.
After giving the right answer, you get some interesting information about the place.
It is not only a self-guided quest, but also a small tour.

We promise that you will enjoy your adventure!

The format of a self-guided quest is interesting for both adults and children.
The self-guided quest-tour through the telephone browser is convenient and interesting for participants of any age.

The cartoon character, the little Stadi Nalle bear, makes the self-guided quest even more attractive for children.

The recommended age for the quest is 7+
Independent family self-guided quest-tour in Helsinki
It is a great opportunity to learn more about the city in an interactive form. Say "No" to boring tours, become not just a family but a team of explorers!
The quest is suitable for all families with children of  7+ years old.

It does not matter whether you live in Helsinki or came on a visit for the weekend.
The quest is easy and interesting!
All you need is just mobile Internet, a charged phone and good mood. Let's start learning more about Helsinki in an unusual interactive form of a game. You won't be bored!

Our quests:

Back to the past

Secret City
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of phone will be suitable for the self-guided quest?
You can use any phone that has mobile Internet.
Are there any restrictions for the number of participants of the self-guided quest?
The most suitable number of participants is from 3 to 6 people. If you would like to compete with your friends, it is better to buy 2 self-guided quests.
What if I don't know Helsinki well enough?
We have developed such a format of a family self-guided quest-tour that while walking around the city with your family you get to know Helsinki and have fun.
In our quests, we tell you some unknown and unusual facts from the life and history of the capital of Finland, which will be interesting even to those who live in the city.
What is the duration of the self-guided quest-tour?
It depends on your speed and the number of breaks you make. On average the quest lasts for about 1.5 hours. The route is about 2.5 km long.
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