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Stress-free planning with HELSINKI4KIDS' ready-made birthday solutions. We offer everything you need to create a magical celebration.

No entertainer needed! Create a festive atmosphere yourself!
Stress-free, magical birthdays delivered to your door! We take care of everything. We'll write a personalized script, curate thematic props, and deliver a ready-made party set straight to your home - all in a magical bag!
All the components of the birthday in one bag
Parents will appreciate
Turn any birthday into a magical adventure with our "Party in a Bag" set!
Budget-friendly and simple, our party solution takes the hassle (and expense) out of birthday planning.
You get a complete package with a fun script, exciting props, and all the entertainment you need - all at a tasty price!
Give your child the birthday they deserve! Order your "Party in a Bag" set today!
What is inside?
The set includes:

Personalized Script: A script specially tailored to you and your child, considering their age and interests, ensures an engaging and relatable party experience.

Complete Party Props: All the necessary props for the celebration are included, creating an unforgettable festive atmosphere without extra shopping trips.

Huge selection of scenarios

All scenarios are available in English, German, and Finnish languages.
Pirate Quest
Dinosaur World
Secret agent school
The Mystery of the Ghosr castle
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Paw Patrol styled birthday
Challenge party
Birthday with a fairy
Journey to the land of unicorns

Educational quests
Secrets of Helsinki - self guided quest

A ready-made party set "Birthday in the bag"
150 * / 200** €
The set includes:
A ready-made scenario
A small gift for the birthday person and their friends
Instructions for parents
Necessary props

VAT 24% is included in the price.
Delivery throughout Finland. Postal expenses are not included in the set's cost.

* - Early Bird Price: Order 10 days or more before the holiday for a discounted price.
** -Standard Price: Applies to orders placed less than 10 days before the holiday or for scenarios not listed.

How it works

You can submit your requests and wishes through any convenient method: by email to or by using the feedback form on our website.
What we do?
We create a script with 6-12 thematic tasks, choose props for the games, pack the items, and then send you a magic bag or meet you in the city and hand you the magic bag, filled with all the supplies for the adventure.
What else do you need to prepare?
Once you've reviewed the script, we'll rely on your expertise to find the most ingenious hiding places for the tasks..
What will the child receive?
The child will create lasting memories through an interactive treasure hunt filled with exciting challenges and surprises

Whether celebrating with a large group of friends or enjoying a special family outing, the activity provides laughter and entertainment for everyone involved.

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A ready-made holiday from a magic bag

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